Davide Morana is an athlete whose story of self-improvement has inspired a whole generation of athletes and non-athletes. At the age of 24, the young Italian was affected by a bacterium that would undoubtedly affect his routine but never his spirit of adventure, his eagerness to live and go further each time. 
After overcoming his illness, which involved the amputation of both arms and both legs, the current ambassador of the Spanish Association against Meningitis has dedicated the last few years to continuing his life of training and sporting discipline despite the fact that his reality underwent a change as radical as his own. He has become, with his efforts, an inspiring example. 
As a representative figure of Adapted Athletics, Davide has dedicated himself to using his social media channels and networks as a vehicle to inspire other athletes and people in similar conditions, and to create a public debate about meningitis and the disease that affects those who suffer from it so intensely. Today he promotes vaccination to eradicate the disease and advocates for the need to manufacture more and better prostheses for amputees.

A story of overcoming.

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